Slovenia and Istria

Day 1. Ljubljana - Bled
A tour of Ljubljana and departure for Bled.

Day 2. Bled - Vintgar - Bohinj - Bled
A walk by the lake of Bled will include a visit to a small Cistercian Church and an isle with a castle. The tour continues towards the narrow Vintgar Gorge in the Julian Alps. The gorge was discovered in the 19th century. We will have the opportunity to admire the River Radovna, and walk along the wooden foot-paths leaning to the cliffs. After a lunch break at Bohinj, we shall take a tour of this medieval town famous for its marvellous lake and a baroque church. Completely different from Bled, Bohinj will enchant you with its azure waters, forests and mountain tops… a magnificent sight!

Day 3. Bled - Postojna - Predjama - Portorož
Departure for Postojna Cave. Considered to be the largest in the world, the cave houses an underground network of passages which extend over a more than 20 kilometres wide area! A beautiful palace from the 19th century, called Jamski Dvorec, stands close to the entrance to the Postojna Cave. The tour continues towards the medieval Predjama Castle, built on a cliff.

Day 4. Portorož - Sečovlje Salina - Portorož
Departure for Saline, the settlement situated on the very border between Croatia and Slovenia. The visitors will have the opportunity to admire the Mediterranean nature and become acquainted with the one time life of Slovenian people. In the local museum one can learn about the way the products typical of the region – such as oil, salt and wine – are produced. Salina, the place where time seems to have stood still, will charm you with its unique atmosphere. Considered to be among the national riches, the local salt fields can be visited only by the privileged ones.

Day 5. Portorož - Piran - Venice - Portorož
Departure for Piran and a boat ride towards Venice. A tour of Venice's major sites, and return late in the afternoon, when the group can admire the Adriatic sunset.

Day 6. Portorož - Lipica - Stanjel
The tour will lead us through the Karst region. We shall visit the small town of Stanjel. Built by the Romans, the town was a major medieval centre which resisted the Turkish raids. The town's attractions include St Daniel's Church and Stanjel Castle, which was damaged during World War II and partially restored today. Departure for Lipica and a visit to its horseback riding centre, well known for the famous Lipizzan horses. We shall attend a horse training session and a show organised for visitors.

Day 7. Portorož - Poreč - Lim Canal - Rovinj - Pula
Departure towards the historic port town of Poreč, located in the western part of the Istrian Peninsula. The present-day Poreč is one of Croatia's major tourist and cultural centres, famous for its beautiful Byzantine Euprhasian Basilica (bazilika sv. Eurfazije) from the 6th century and the golden mosaics. After a walk through Poreč, we will head towards the Lim Canal situated 10 kilometres away. This gorgeous Istrian jewel offers a magnificent panoramic view. A tour of the picturesque port of Rovinj.

Day 8. Pula - Brijuni - Opatija
A visit to the Arena of Pula, one of Istria's major historic and cultural sites form the time of Roman Empire. The world's 6th largest amphitheatre, the Arena was built in the 1st century AD, during the rule of Emperor Vespasian. At that time, it served as a theatre for gladiator fights, while nowadays it is a popular concert venue. A tour of the the Brijuni National Park abounding in lush tropical vegetation, wild animals and archaeological finds. The archipelago comprises 14 islands and islets, and the one we shall visit is called the Veliki Brijun.

Day 9. Opatija - Plitvice - Opatija
A sightseeing tour of Opatija, one of the most beautiful tourist resorts on the Adriatic, which used to be a favourite holiday place for the Habsburg family and other European royal families. Our tour continues with a visit to the Plitvice National Park, one of the UNESCO heritage sites.
Please, make sure to bring your passports, or identity cards (citizens of the European Union)!

Day 10. Opatija - Škofja Loka - Ljubljana - France
Departure for Ljubljana, famous for its authentic and unique architecture. A visit to Škofja Loka, which is considered to be one of Slovenia's most beautiful medieval towns.

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