Day 1. Dubrovnik

Day 2. Dubrovnik - Morača - Priština - Ivangrad
Departure for the Morača Monastery, situated in a magnificent canyon of a river of the same name. The tour continues towards Priština, via Ivangrad.

Day 3. Ivangrad - Gračanica - Sopoćani - Studenica
A tour of the Gračanica Monastery. One of the gems of Serbian sacral architecture, the monastery houses frescoes dating from the early 14th century. A bus ride through the Plain of Kosovo (Kosovo polje), where the Turks defeated Serbia and Macedonia in 1389. The countries were afterwards occupied by the Ottoman Empire for more than 500 years, which resulted in their economic and cultural decline. The tour continues towards the Monastery of Sopoćani, well-known for its medieval frescoes. A bus ride through the valley of the beautiful River Ibar will take us to the Studenica Monastery, boasting lavishly ornamented gray-white facade walls.

Day 4. Studenica - Žiča - Morava - Kruševac
A visit to the Žiča Monastery, one of Serbia's largest monasteries. Built in the early 13th century, it was the coronation site of Serbian kings. Driving through the River Morava valley one reaches the exceptionally beautiful Monastery of Ljubostinja from the 15th century. The tour continues towards the city of Niš, birthplace of Byzantine emperor Constantine. A visit to the Ćele kula (the Skull Tower), which the Turks built of 952 skulls of Serbian soldiers killed in the battle of 1808.

Day 5. Kruševac - Niš - Bitola
Departure from Niš and a tour of the Monastery of Staro Nagoričane. A visit to the Roman remains of Heraclea and its mosaics located in close proximity to the present-day town of Bitola.

Day 6. Peštani - Ohrid
A free day at a hotel, situated 12 km away from Ohrid, on a full board basis. You will have the opportunity to relax in the absolute stillness of this green oasis and its beautiful beaches. Optional tour of the ancient town of Ohrid, first mentioned in the 4th century BC, includes visits to a large number of monasteries and art galleries, excursions (Struga, etc.) and bathing at the Lake Ohrid beaches.

Day 7. Ohrid - Sveti Naum - Ohrid
A boat ride on the Lake and a visit to the Monastery of Saint Naum (Sveti Naum).

Days 8. and 9.
Free days at the hotel.

Day 10. Mavrovo - Skoplje
Departure for Lake Mavrovo. The tour continues towards Skopje. On the way, we will make a stop in the town of Tetovo and visit its Šarena Džamija (Mosque).

Day 11. Skopje
A visit to the Monastery of Nerezi, and free time in Skopje.

Day 12. Skopje - Prizren - Peć
In the town of Prizren we shall visit the Church of Our Lady Lijeviška, built by King Milutin in 1307. A tour of the Monastery of Dečani, the best preserved Serbian monastery. Built in the early 14th century in a remarkable architectural style, it boasts several collections of invaluable frescos and icons from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Day 13. Peć - Bijelo Polje
A visit to the Patriarchate of Peć (Pećka Patrijaršija). Famous for its amazing architecture, this complex of churches is a religious seat of the Orthodox Church, housing a collection of beautiful icons. Departure for Montenegro over the Čakor mountain saddle.

Day 14. Bijelo Polje - Podgorica - Budva - Kotor - Dubrovnik
Departure for Dubrovnik via Podgorica and Virpazar, along the Montenegrin coast, and via Budva and Kotor.

Day 15. Dubrovnik



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