Legends have teased the human imagination since the beginning of the times. Just like myths, the have been passed down for centuries from generation to generation, and so remained preserved to this day.

Old tales of the foundations of settlements, migrations, quests, catastrophes, prominent leaders and rulers, wise statesmen and legislators, adventurous sailors, famous beauties, heroic fighters, bold rebels, etc. have been literary decanted into legends like the Iliad, Odyssey, Ramayana, Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh, Buddhist Tripitaka, Persian Zend - Avesta, Vergil's Aeneid and others. With the triumph of Christianity, the legends begin to form around the personalities and events of religious significance.

Folk tradition preserves and multiplies the legends about the representatives of the feudal society of knights (Charlemagne, Arthur, Tristan, Lancelot, Hamlet, Isolde and others), while the Crusades transfer the treasures of their legends to the West.


On our journey through the legends, we will explore a couple of legends:

- The legend of Parsifal of Wolfram von Eschenbach
- The Legend of the Mother of God on the Stone Gates in Zagreb
- The Pyramids near Sarajevo
- The Legend of the Three Crosses in Trogir
- Emperor Diocletian in Split (IV c.)
- Legend of Mila Gojsalić - Croatian Joan of Arc in Omis (XVI century.)
- The legend of St. Blaise and Richard the Lionheart in Dubrovnik
- Legends of Cavtat - Croatian Atlantis
- And throughout the entire journey you will hear the story of Teuta, Illyrian Queen, and Odysseus and his journey to return home.

We hope you will feel the charm of these stories from different regions, countries and centuries and feel amazed, as we were while preparing this trip for you.

Day 1:
Arrival in Sarajevo, hotel accommodation, overnight.

Day 2:

Departure for Visoko, a place where the pyramids have been discovered - buildings that have challenged the historical facts and stir world public. Cultural and historical attractions, as well as the sanctuary that abounds with energy that enlightens and heals. Pyramid of the Sun, the Moon and the Bosnian dragon hide their secrets, as well as a the network of tunnels inside them, but also provide the peace of mind and improve health due to radiation extremely favorable for men.
Departure for Zagreb, hotel accommodation, overnight.

Day 3:
Departure for Ptuj (Slovenia) and visit to the castle Borl. The day is reserved for the story of Parzival of Wolfram von Eschenbach, a timeless story about the search for the Grail. His father Gahmuret built the old tower in the middle of the castle Borl - Ankenstein (Anken comes from the German word anchor). The Castle, known as Borl, used to be called Ankenstein. Parsifal, Knight of the Grail does not find the answers until he asks the right questions. Only then he acquires the Grail, a new state of inner being. Castle Borl is not the Grail castle, because it does not exists as such in the physical world on earth.
On our way back to Zagreb we visit the Stone Gates and hear the legend of the Mother of God of the Stone Gates.
Accommodation at the hotel, overnight.

Day 4:
Departure for Split. Stop in Trogir where follows the legend of the Three Crosses and a tour of Trogir. Tour of Split and the story of Diocletian, the Roman emperor who retreated to the palace in Split after he gave up the imperial honors, and lived there until death. The Diocletian's Palace is an ancient palace, the remains of which are now part of the historic center of Split, on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in Europe. There will also talk about the legend of Odysseus, who was traveling home through Vis, Hvar, and Omiš. Departure for Omiš and the legend of Mila Gojsalić - Croatian Joan of Arc. A young girl, who after a forcibly spent night in the camp of the Turkish generals, before dawn rose in the air gunpowder camp and her unwanted lover, Ahmed - Pasha.
Accommodation at the hotel in Omiš, night.

Day 5:
Departure for Dubrovnik. In the afternoon a brief historical tour of the city linked to the story of Napoleon and the fall of Dubrovnik and two legends: the legend of St. Blaise and Richard the Lionheart. We will find out how Richard the Lionheart rescued from a shipwreck on the island of Lokrum in front of Dubrovnik, and built a new cathedral in Dubrovnik as a sign of gratitude. We will also hear the story of how St. Blaise became Dubrovnik's patron and protected it from terrible storm. We will hear again the legend of Ulysses and mention Odysseus cave on the island of Mljet.
Overnight in Dubrovnik.

Day 6:
Departure for Montenegro. This day will be devoted to the Illyrian Queen Teuta. Her pirates controlled the traffic in Adriatic and Ionian Sea and terrorized all the ships, which Romans did not approve. So they waged the war against her, which she lost. She admitted defeat and completely obeyed, sending a mission from Risan in the Bay of Kotor. The memory of her and her fame has survived in popular tradition until today. One of the legends says that Teuta's tomb is in a cave in Perast near Risan and Kotor. According to the natives of Hvar, Theuta's castle was near Sućuraj on the eastern cape of the island, and the residents of Šolta know for another Teutina palaces, on the hill above the bay of Senj.
Visit to Risan, Perast and Kotor.
Return to Dubrovnik, overnight.

Day 7:
Departure for Cavtat - Croatian Atlantis. Cavtat wore the nema Epidaurus during the Greek rule, and then Epidaurum during Roman rule. The city was destroyed and vanished, and the story says that during the nice weather its remains can be seen in the sea - could it be the Croatian Atlantis? Its inhabitants flee the destruction and found a new town, which later became Dubrovnik. Today's Cavtat is full of stories and legends - the cave Šipun and dragon Boaz, Illyrian princess Captislava, water supply systems ... you will hear all about it and spend a pleasant day in the picturesque and very beautiful Cavtat.

Day 8:




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