This program takes place in one of the most beautiful surrounding areas of Dubrovnik – Konavle. The settlement of Konavle region began in prehistoric times and the largest place was the city of Epidaurus, which was built 300 years BC (Today's city of Cavtat).

An old way of life is still preserved in this enchanting, picturesque region, rich in typical Mediterranean vegetation, traditional and indigenous agricultural products, arts and crafts.
Most households carefully store and maintain numerous old working agricultural tools which arouse special interest for its visitors; among many are historians and ethnologists.

Go back in time during your eight-day stay and live the life of our ancestors. This is a great way to experience the traditional way of living which is slowly changing and to compare it with the today’s way of living.

During this program:

You will be introduced to countryside life in the rural area

Learn about different types of food production based on natural substances

Learn how to prepare traditional food

Learn about different types of grapes and wine production

Taste some of the world -class wines

Learn about the production of famous Konavle champagne Perlan

Harvest grapes, citrus fruits and vegetables

Learn about different types of tea and medicinal herbs; tea harvesting, tea and syrup making

Learn about the production of traditional cheese

Learn about silk production (that made this place world-renowned) that was used for famous Konavle embroideries. You’ll have the opportunity to see traditional costumes during the performance of the famous folklore group that performs traditional dances and songs from this area.

We have not forgotten to organize a drawing school where your inspiration will be Konavle landscape.
The evening time is time reserved for legends and storytelling. You’ll hear about the rich history of this region, development of religion and great historical battles that took place in this area.

Activity walking and biking tours may be arranged in this area as well. You’ll have the opportunity to visit small town Cavtat and see many sacred objects and important fortification locations.

Especially attractive trip to Dubrovnik will be organized where you’ll be familiarized with many cultural and historical sights of the city, its’ fortification system, and visit Ethnographic Museum.

This is just a part of the rich program that we have specially made for you during your eight day stay in rural household.

We are looking forward to see you here!


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This program takes place in continental part of Dalmatia – known as “ Dalmatinska Zagora”.
Its hidden natural beauties delight on land and sea passersby. The eternal dance of stone and water during long series of years has created shapes that even the most imaginative sculptors could not create. The blend of Mediterranean and Dinaric Karst represents particular native environment.

In the true sense, this is the world of silence, primordial purity and untouched nature that will reveal its hidden mountain beauties, karst soul and underground rivers. This trip will return you to a place and way of living that have remained unchanged since the ancient days.

During this program:

Familiarize yourselves with the countryside life in the authentic ambiance, learn about folk customs.

Learn about food production that is typical for this region; learn how to prepare traditional meals.

You’ll have the opportunity to visit animal farms and participate in daily animal care.

Strawberry picking in May and June is important for this region. People say that these strawberries are the sweetest in the country. How much strawberry harvest means for the region speaks the local festivity organized in its honor. You will be introduced to the whole process of strawberry production; from planting, harvesting to marmalade preparing.

You’ll have the opportunity to follow the footsteps of Alberto Fortis - Italian travel writer who wrote the book “Viaggio in Dalmaia”. The path that he took connects costal and continental Dalmatia. During his travel in 1770, he came to village Kokorići where he met the Duke Anthony Prvan “Pržo”. During that occasion Anthony stayed in his castle and wrote down one of the most beautiful ballads ever written in Croatian language “Hasanaginica”. There is a justified assumption that Hasanaginica was born in village Kokorići.

We’ll take you to mandarins harvesting in Neretva valley. To get there we’ll take the old Napoleon route which was built by famous French marshal Marmont and today represents one of the most famous landmarks of French rule in this area.

This region is also known for viticulture. In its honor each year is organized “Biklijada” festivity. You’ll learn how to produce wine and you’ll try the famous “potion” “Bikla” (a mixture of red-wine (must) and fresh goat milk). This drink will help you to restore your youth and the life of joy. It is an excellent cocktail for your health.

You’ll have a full day trip to Split, which is the major cultural, administrative and economic center of this region, i.e. Dalmatia, where you’ll visit Split Ethnographic Museum. Split is especially known for Diocletian’s Palace, built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian between the late 3rd and the early 4th centuries A.D. The remains of the palace are today part of the historic center of Split and Palace has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe since 1979.



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