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We are sure you have read so much about Dubrovnik and its history, about the city walls and the fortresses; about the beautiful nature out of the town. Let us show you that the stories are not in the least exaggerated. Find few days to come in Dubrovnik, and get an experience that you will never forget. See all the beauties of the Old town of Dubrovnik and hear all about the history. Visit the city walls, take all the time you need to walk those 1940 m and take as many photos you like. Take a cable car to have a stunning view on the city and the islands. Just looking at the islands will not be enough, you will want to visit them.

Go to the island of Lokrum and hear about its legends, and learn why do local people say that you should never take anything from the island with you, not even a leaf or a peacocks feather. The island is beautiful, no wonder it was used as a set for some scenes in the Game of Thrones show, like botanical gardens and former Benedictine monastery.

Island lovers will enjoy Elaphiti island excursion. The Elaphiti islands archipelago consist of 13 islands in Dubrovnik area. Three of them are inhabited and the only one that allows cars is Šipan island - the largest one.

Your experience wouldn’t be complete without the tour of charming little town Cavtat. You will be fascinated by its history. Could you believe that this town, once Greek colony, dates all the way back to 6th century BC? One can’t argue with how much Cavtat meant for Dubrovnik, without it and its inhabitants Dubrovnik, that we know today, wouldn’t exist.

Pelješac peninsula is a must for all gourmet lovers, famous for many vineyards and wineries. Visit some of them and decide if red wines from Pelješac lived up to their reputation. But be careful, have somebody with you who will drive, because trust us, you’d want to try them all.

Day 1 – Dubrovnik / Lokrum
Arrival to Dubrovnik airport and private transfer to your hotel.

A city tour of Dubrovnik with a local guide.

This ancient city surrounded by ramparts and fortresses abounds in architectural and cultural masterpieces carefully preserved for centuries. No matter how much time you will spend here, it will never be enough.

Visit of Lokrum, a small island just in front of the Old city.

The island has a long history, closely related to the monks who, as the legend says, cursed it. Their monastery is still well preserved. Except of the history, you can also enjoy the nature and beautiful botanical garden. Locals love Lokrum and they go there for a swim very often. Don’t be surprised by seeing peacocks and rabbits wondering around freely.

In case of late arrival, the tour can be organized the next day.

Day 2 - Elafiti islands
Excursion to Elafiti islands can be organized with private boats or we can assist you to join the regular excursions.

Visiting Elafiti islands you will realize life can be so simple and stress free, away from the crowds and traffic jams. You wouldn’t believe that islands are just stone’s throw away from the mainland. The islands are known for beautiful nature; small bays with the beaches or cliffs so small that you will have them just for yourself. Restaurants offering simple Mediterranean but delicious meals are just around the corner.

Walking through the settlements and its ports there is a charming sight to see: small fisherman boats and their diligent fisherman selling their catch to locals and tourists just right next to the large luxury yachts.

Day 3 - Cavtat / Konavle
Private excursion

Visit Cavtat, which is today famous small tourist town, but also a town with a very rich history, dating from Greek times.

Konavle area is a must when visiting Cavtat. In numerous villages in Konavle you will experience a genuine atmosphere of a village and a traditional life. Even today you can see women dressed in traditional national costumes, which are famous for its embroidery. Tipical Konavle embroidery is made of silk thread. Women from Konavle still feed the silkworms from which they extract silk thread which is then being coloured with natural dyes.

In Konavle you can also visit the site of Mlin – Old mill, reconstructed in original form from the inside and outside, where you will learn about wool processing craft.

For history buffs, Soko kula, a fortification built on a 25 m high cliff, dating from 15th century is a real special treat.

. Day 4 – Pelješac
Private excursion Meet the wine kingdom of Plavac Mali variety, one of the most potent red grape varieties in Croatia. Seeing all the vineyards on Pelješac will leave you wanting to taste more. With wineries around every corner choice where to start won’t be easy.

Not everything about Pelješac is a wine story. Pelješac and Ston town played an important role in Dubrovnik’s history. We’ll Visit Ston, a medieval little town with the longest walls in Europe, 5,5 km long. Ston is not known only for the walls, but also for salt production, in a traditional way – a site made of pools filled with sea water, just waiting for sun and heat to make their part of the job. Try also some oysters from the Ston bay, famous for their oysters, mussels and other seafood.

And for the end, a mix of wines and history. Visit Navis Mysterium, a unique place in Croatia, where wine is kept for years at the bottom of the sea in glass bottles and amphoras. You can try the vines, but also visit the underwatter cellars.

Day 5 – active life
Meet Dubrovnik sites and history through the active tours such as buggy safari, kayak, quads.

Day 6 – departure – or you’d like to stay for little longer?
Departure transfer to Dubrovnik airport.

Private return transfer – from Dubrovnik airport to your accommodation, and back to Dubrovnik airport

Local guide for Dubrovnik city tour and Lokrum island

Local guide and transportation for Cavtat and Konavle area

Local guide and transportation for Pelješac wine tour

We can assist you with this and so much more. Feel free to contact us any time.

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