You have couple days off and you've found great deals on flights to Zadar?

We have a great idea for you: stay on island Iž and treat yourself with vacation for soul, mind and body. Relax and enjoy the view, swim in crystal clear sea and try local food.


Hey, this one might be perfect for solo travelers!

We planned for you to stay in hotel Korinjak. Their specialty is vegetarian food prepared daily and built around Mediterranean diet; perhaps the world's healthiest diet . It is a descreet and simple style hotel with minimalisic design that specialises in holistic, individual and group programmes for personal developmet. All rooms are TV and Wifi free :-D *

Instead, join daily morning yoga exercises for free. Practice sungazing and absorb pure energy into the body. Achieve balance and tranquility and try guided meditation. Two times a week meditative walk to Korinjak hill will be organized.

Teas made of freshly picked island herbs are avialble at any time for refreshment and detox .

There is no special hotel dress code. Grab your swim suit and just go to the beach!

Some activities are charged as extra for symbolic fee, like gong bath, djembe workshops. Excursions are also optional and charged as extra.

Individual treatments , massages, orgon accumulator and oxygen therapy, ozone chamber are also available for you to book on the spot once you arrive.

Connect with others through poetry, dance and music offered in evening entertainment programme. Why do we recommend it? It is a serene Mediterranean experience , in a cozy place with warm hospitality. It is for those who want simple vacation without modern life distractions, just a pure chill and relax where you can focus on your personal growth. And guess what? The prices are really affordable!

*Wifi is available in reception area

Last day we planned for you to spend in Zadar. Zadar is one of the top tourist destinations in Croatia rich in culture , history and natural beauty. We'll book best local guide for you and you'll see most famous sites in Zadar, Roman ruins, Venetian architecture , solar power light show Sun Salutation and sound installation Sea Organ ...

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